Competitive Scholarships 2015

  • "Sanitarium"

    This piece was created as my key image to pitch my world building project "Sanitarium" that I created over the course of the semester, with the idea that this IP could be turned into a survival-horror video game.

    Animated GIF, Photoshop, Fall 2014
  • Character designs for my survival-horror game pitch, "Sanitarium".

    Photoshop, Fall 2014
  • User Interface designs for my survival-horror game pitch, "Sanitarium".

    Photoshop, Fall 2014
  • "Teratoma"

    Personal piece

    Photoshop, Fall 2014
  • "The Upper Birth"

    Narrative illustration for the short story "The Upper Berth", which depicts the scene where the monster is finally revealed to the narrator.
    Photoshop, Fall 2014
  • "Crumb"

    Poster mockup for the documentary "Crumb", about the alternative comic illustrator Robert Crumb.

    Photoshop, Spring 2014