Fortuna : Finding Lincoln

  • Print Size: 8"x10" / 8"x13"
    Three Versions : Sixtey Seven Iterations
    The entire second act was an opportunity to evolve the most successful element from act one – Lincoln and the arrows. The approach was two fold, work small to create intimacy and keep the portrait recognizable.
  • Act Two retreats from its previous size of 55”x37” to 8”x10. The subtext of Act One - North VS South was removed and the focus became Lincoln the historical figure and icon. The portrait was transplanted from Act One as it represented a significant time investment. However by the time the format changed again the portrait had undergone another transformation moving from somber reflection to exploration.
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    Pt. I  North vs South    |     Pt. II Finding Lincoln
    The Arrows  8" x 13"
    Twenty Iterations
    This portion of Act Two is signified by a size change from 8”x10” to 8”x13” to accommodate the exploration of the graphic elements of the Dixie flag referred to as “arrows” which assumed a competing role. They no longer functioning as a shape barrier – but rather a character struggling for real estate. They also helped develop the allegory of Lincolns new condition.
    Doubled 8" x 13"
    Fifteen Iterations
    The appearance the empty astronaut helmet marks the beginning of Doubled. An attempt to bring the Lincoln portrait back into prominence without becoming the exclusive centerpiece. It allowed for some unique reconsiderations of the Lincoln portrait (like the Elvis hairdo).