Competitive Scholarship Portfolio

  • 18 x 24 
    Charcoal Drawing
    Self Portrait
  • 16 x 24
    Screen Print 
    Graphic Monster
    -Created for Cannonball print press Screen printing collage.
  • Digital Collage 
    Breakfast Jesus
  • 10 x 11 
    Lithography Print,
    Solvent transfer and polyester plate print.
    Breakfast Jesus 2
  • Mind Spaces Project
    An interactive work.
    The Subject would take a bight of the Big Mac burger while smelling what was inside of the metal container. This would trick their senses into thinking they were eating what was inside the metal tin.
    Inside the metal tin was all of the ingredients, materials, and chemicals advertisers use to create the delicious looking burgers in the photographs and commercials.
  • Abstract Digital Design
    This was then sent out to create the laptop skin below.
  • Laptop Skin for Macbook pro.
  • 15" tall pyramid sculpture
    Cardboard & Paint 
    Not Alone.
    This was an interactive sculpture.
    The viewer could lift and move the clear sheets to reveal and hide the text.
  • Prototype of the Pleasant Pyramid.
    Balsa wood & Mirrors
    As a real product, this would function as an alarm clock that would wake you up using four of your five senses(smell, sound, touch, light/sight).