AJ's Super Awesome Competitive Scholarship Portfolio

  • The Great Migration 
    Ceramics installation
    The table is about 30 inches tall and has a 36 inch diameter. The whole setup is about 48 inches (4ft) tall, 54 inches (4.5ft) long and 42 inches (3.5ft) feet wide
    This is a table accompanied by a set of three plates, bowls and mugs. Everything is made out of clay exept for the table top and cables that hold up the bowls.
  • Self Portrait
  • Cardboard Coffee Table.
    L41" x W27.5" x H22"
    It's a fully functonal coffee table made out of cardboard! 
  • Mini Me
    Oil paint
    You're looking at a self portrait of me as a Lego minifigure. 
  • Paper Cut
    cardboard interactive sculpture
    These are a just a few of over 50 varous cardboard weapons.
  • Percussion Painting.
    This piece is intended to visually represent the act of making music, in a way that could be displayed easily on a wall or in a gallery space. 
    The video is bits and peices of what was 30 minutes of druming.