MICA Competitive Scholarship 2015

  • Portrait of the Artist as a Young Horse  
    Self portrait.  Very serious.  Digital.  2014.
  • Swarm vs. Swatters:  Character Lineup
    A cast of characters who are armed and ready to fight off the swarm of space creatures invading their small desert town.  Digital.  2014.
  • Swarm vs. Swatters:  Creature Design
    A swarm of pesky, goopy aliens.  Digital.  2014.
  • Swarm vs. Swatters:  Cover Image
    Digital.  2014.
  • Baker's Dozen
    Illustration and two tiling pattern options.  Digital.  2014.
  • John Beaumont
    Imaginary snapshots of an unfortunately deceased cricketer, drawn from a section of his obituary.  Digital.  2014.
  • Motion Sketches
    Action sketches of a team of futuristic florists.  Digital.  2014.
  • Nike Girl
    Digital.  2014.
  • Character Lineup:  True Blood
    Four characters from HBO's True Blood.  Digital.  2014.
    Digital.  2015.
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