Portal (2D Animation)

  • For this self motivated project, I decided to take each assignment and homework that were given to me for my Introduction to 2D Animation class and turn it into a series revolving around Portals. 
    From start to finish, I explore and improve upon my 2D Animation skills, creativity, and will take each assignment given to me and give it a unique spin revolving around portals to link all the projects together as one. 
    I try my best in giving each subject within the video its own unique personality, whether it is an animate being or inanimate object). 
    I'm using Traditional Animation on Paper done on a lightbox. 
  • "The Beginning" (Bouncing Ball Exercise, 1st attempt at Animation) 
    148 Frames 
  • "Life" (Metamorphasis Exercise, 2nd attempt at Animation)
    231 Frames
  • "Swimless" (Jelly Cube Exercise, 3rd attempt at Animation). 
    67 Frames
  • "Metamorphosis" (Heavy Object Exercise, 4th attempt) 
    405 Frames
  • "The Battle" (Emotional Flour Sack Exercise, 5th attempt) 
    365 Frames
  • To Be Continued...