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    Anastasiia Mikhno    A brandbook & web design for the artist and photographer Anastasiia Mikhno.
    2 main features for working with an artist:
    1. The main feature gives an ability to deliver full info about the artist.
    2. Nothing superfluous in the design.

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    About The Artist And Our Cooperation.
         An artist and photographer, Anastasia works constantly with new projects.
    She exhibited her art far and wide and, depending on the project, she creates various pieces.
         Of course, representing yourself on the networks is of an utmost priority to any artist, allowing them to communicate their art to their viewers. Anastasia relies on social networks for that, which is why this is unnecessary on her personal website, which is more of an information board and micro-gallery.
         Working with her personal projcts, Anastasia publishes catalogues, posters, postcards and business cards.
    I also created a logo and visual identification system for her.
    Her projects are far from completion, so we're constantly creating new designs to better present her art together.