Charm City EcoVillage

  • Charm City EcoVillage
    ec·o·vil·lage /ˈēkōˌvilij/
    n: A community whose inhabitants seek to live according to ecological principles.[]
  • Charm City Ecovillage has branched from Baltimore Urbanism Group. We are a collection of individuals in support of healthy, ecologically friendly design of our cities. We promote verdant city growth, returning nature and wildlife back to the urban environment and learning about ways in which city residents can live off the earth.

    What can you expect from Charm City EcoVillage? Expect to have a blast! When we come together, we aim to make it an enjoyable, social atmosphere. We welcome anyone to be a part of our collective and join in our adventures! You may just want to meet like minded people, or perhaps you really want to see change in our future. In addition to all the fun we have, we do support a very worthy cause: bring nature back to the lives of city residents by bringing nature back into the city!

    Leadership Team:
    President/Founder- Megan Schwartz
    Vice President- Summer Kelley
    Communications and Marketing Adviser- Shane Griffith