• I was assigned an article from the New York Times and asked to conduct a visual analysis of the structure and hierarchy employed. The analysis had to abstractly employ the symbolic and typographic layout elements from the source page. I began by doing a simple analysis of how my eyes traveled through the page. Building upon this visual, I incorporated blocks and monochrome values before moving on to line, shape and color. I eliminated and simplified text and images as needed to clarify the information architecture. 
    With the same New York Times article, I was asked to analyze the structure of the text for  all content on the page. I had to include all the text on the page even though some of it did not necessarily relate to the main story. In noting how items connected, I pulled out all the mentions of odd strokes on tennis in the article and made them subheadings. From my analysis, I designed a typographic composition emphasizing the connected information
  • (Source article)
  • (Process)
  • (Final visual analysis)
  • (Final typographic composition)