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  • gyPost    New-gen Webmail System

        Useful combination of your address book and letters. You don't need to work with a pile of letters in the "Inbox" anymore - you will work with your mail through contact filters in your address book. Contacts are placed according to the latest events in the box. The contact is presented in the picture format and contains letters according to their E-Mail addresses. In the gyPost system, such combination is called "Contact Feed."

        As a result, you get: Correspondence with the contact, free from letters from outside. Important and active contacts are always at hand in full volume. Quick search of the necessary contact by picture.

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    Common mailing service allows working with electronic addresses.
    gyPost allows working with people and companies.
    Because a company or someone of your friends may have several E-Mail addresses.
    gyPost is able to solve this problem.
    Just Create a Contact

  • Illustration and UI Design

    Shown below are the existing avatar ratios in the interface.
    The avatar collection ideally suits the needs of a multifunctional webmail service such as gyPost.
    Series of avatars for gyPost webmail PresentationBehance →

    Contact Card UI Design
    System Interface Icons
    The gyPost project has a large number of interfaces.

    The capabilities of this type of mail service are wider than those of a usual email,
    but one of the important goals was to simplify the interaction with this system so that it is interesting and easy to work with.
    gyPost Mobile App Prototype
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