FoodShed Projects

  • "Latte Art Throwdown & Baltimore Brewers Cup"
    A flyer that has two different events at Artifacts Coffee. They are both coffee related and combined into one flyer.

  • "Home Espresso / Coffee Workshop"
    Two different check presenters for Artifact Coffee. One is a workshop on how to make espresso and the other one is a workshop on how to make coffee.
  • "Interpreting Flavors & Aromatics with Jinji, Priya & the Woodberry Kitchen Bar"
    Check Presenter / Flyer for an event at Artifact Coffee. Three representatives will be given three speical ingredients and create something through spirits, chocolates, or holistic health care. 
  • "Artifact's Patio is Open!"
    Check presenter / flyer for Artifact Coffee. Advertising the patio for customers to eat and relax outside. 
  • "The Perfect Cup of Coffee"
    A coffee recipe card for Artifact Coffee. This is the front of the card.
  • Back of the coffee recipe card.
  • "Roll it & Shape It & Bend It & Make It At Home!"
    A recipe card on how to make K-Dough for kids to play with. K-Dough is Woodberry Kitchen's version of play dough. It is made with fresh ingredients. 
  • Created a steak sauce label inspired by the "The Original HP Sauce." Kevin Plank, the CEO of Under Armour reserved the entire Woodberry Kitchen restaurant for a dinner party. The KP initials stand for Kevin Plank and the image is the Under Armour headquarters building. 
  • "Hot Dog! Thanks for a Great First Year Baltimore!"
    Painted a banner celebrating Parts & Labor's first anniversary. (Posted on Instagram)
  • "Snake Oil Is Back"
    Designed a chalkboard advertising our Snake Oil Hot Sauce. (Posted on Instagram)
  • Photographs taken by myself for a magazine contest called, "Garden & Gun." These four dishes are created by Chef David Speegle at Woodberry Kitchen.