Decker Library Redesign

  • MICA's Decker Library website was in need of a redesign to better reflect and adhere to the student population who most uses the website or the actual physcial library location. My Decker Library’s redesign serves to introduce a new “convenience“ and high-tech aspect to the traditional library business model through the inclusion of quick searching capability, renewel systems, and book shopping.
  • User Personas were developed through an interviewing process in which I gather about ten MICA students to ask them questions about the library and the library's website.
  • Decker LIbrary Homepage. Designed for easy and quick navigation to the tasks that the user wants to perform. The website is able to learn the interests of the person logged in through sniffing items and topics that the user searches.
  • Book Listing Page. Designed for a cleaner look, feel, and user experience.