Here & Away are two different alphabets created to be a set that reflects various sides of relationships. It can be read either before or after of one relationship or diverse relationships. In Here, the tranquil happiness and sincere love of two figures is given through flowing letters that are created if only two of them get together, if they are “here” in time and space for them. The warm color of letters accentuates the intimacy. In contrast, in Away, although figures are together, attached to each other, they look at separate distant places, as they exist in different locations. 
  • Pillows for couples from "Here"
  • Album cover for seperation songs from "Away"
  • Double sided tote bag application

  • Pattern for "Away"
    {Find the hidden away}
  • For my portfoliobook titled "imperfection" from my first year at MICA in MFA Illustration Practice, I used my "Here" alphabet