Collaborative Work

  • "Top Ten Video Game Merfolk" - August (2018) Had the pleasure of collaborating with Oscar Duarte (The Green Scorpion) on the different types of merfolk in video games. 
  • "Let's Play Monster Prom" (October 2018)
    Sketch and Line art: Amber Klocek
    Color and Shading: Macy Stom-Angstadt
  • A short I collaborated on for the Maryland film festival with Alex Burke of pandamagicstudios for MICA. Please Enjoy.
    Special thanks to RebeccaPirate, Gabriel, and Megan Rivas of the Truffle troopers for helping to complete this work.
    (pandamagicstudios)(Alex Burke)
  • (2015) A collaborative animation with MICA students and NASA's Fermi Satellite scientists about pulsars.
    Animated by myself & Megan Rivas.
  • (2015)
    Keyframes: Amber Klocek
    Inbetweens: Megan Rivas
  • (2015)
    Keyframes: Megan Rivas
    Inbetweens: Amber Klocek