Why You Should Cook Your Own Food Zine

  • Why You Should Learn How to Cook is the first of many zine's to come from Charm City Kitchen Library. CCKL is a Baltimore based appliance renting library designed to promote the importance community interaction and self-reliance through cooking. Much like a tool library, which lends out hardware and power tools to members, this kitchen co-op stocks and lends out expensive and specialty kitchen appliances, which a person might not have the space or money for.
    Along with my partner Louisa Liu (louisaliu.com), I plan to expand this zine into a series with recipies and member photos to futher promote home cooking, and help bolster the city of Baltimore.
    If you would like to read the zine, check out the digital version at www.milesholenstein.com/blog/2015/4/22/everyone-should-cook
  • Visit www.milesholenstein.com/#/charm-city-kitchen-library to learn more about Charm City Kitchen Library.