Time-Based Work, 2014-2015

  • Quiver -- December 2014
    Drawn using sumi ink on a whiteboard
    Music by Ben Rosenberg
  • Anal Hymns -- March 2015
    Video projected on curved wall with performance element - onstage, two people sit across from one another blowing bubbles while a third, masked person sits menacingly between them, all surrounded by paper flowers. (Performance not shown)
    Amy Carlson: Sound, concept, live performance
    Sonia Espinoza: Poster, live introduction (not shown)
    Evangeline Gallagher: Acting, found footage, props for live performance
    Dylan Lafferty: Filmed, edited, live performance
    Emma Rubini: Mask, live performance
  • #Selfie -- January 2015
    Animation/performance, resulting image, and self portrait
  • Unwearable -- November 2015
    Performance in which artist was honeyed-and-feathered - Coated in honey, feathers, and glitter, then rolled around and frolicked in resulting pile of sticky feathers
    Assisted by Dylan Lafferty