A Look at the Protest in Baltimore

  • Protest for the Freddie Gray case and against police brutality started in Baltimore City about two weeks ago.
    The widely-reported big riot broke out on Monday 4/27. On Tuesday morning, people who lived in the community came out to help cleaning up the mess on the streets. At North Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue, the spot where the riot took place and was then heavily patrolled, protesters again gathered in a peaceful manner as they did for the week before in other locations of the City.
    The drawings here, except the very last two, were created on Tuesday-- many of them were done around North Ave. and Penn. Ave.-- as an attempt to illustrate the people there, the police, protesters, reporters, etc., and their activities.
  • North Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue were occupied by police and national guards. Police in full gear formed a line blocking North Avenue, and no one was allowed to pass through it. Most of the police and military forces were staying behind this line. (Drawing from some point between 11am and 12pm)
  • A meditation-like group sitting in a circle.
  •  The "300 Man March Baltimore's Anti Violence Movement" joined
  • At some point someone threw an empty water bottle toward the police line and a couple of them reacted slightly, but there were people started running as if the police were about to get them. The tension was there and people were alert all the time. This young man as long as a few others of the "300 Man March" movement held up their hands, having their back to the police, so it seems to be more of a way to protest police brutality instead of running away from it.
  • At about 5pm, protesters started to march. It walked through several streets in the neighborhood and at the end came back to North and Penn. It repeated itself several times, and the leader would stop the marching group at some point and started giving mini speeches.
  • The group finally decided to march all the way down to City Hall at downtown Baltimore, arriving at about 7:20.
    (The entrance of City Hall was at the left-hand side of this drawing.)
  • Two national guards at the City Hall. (Drawing from Thursday)
  • The front of City Hall, with two military vehicles and national guards. (Drawing from Thursday.)