red lines

  • red lines (2015)
    Installation with four digital prints on inkjet photo paper of bone relics (85cm x 61cm),
    transparent helium balloons, red ribbons, handwritten note on red paper and soil
    Even after someone’s departure, they still leave connections with the material world. “red lines” is a visualization of this connection between the material world that I exist in, with the spiritual realm that my grandmother has ascended to, via our blood relationship. The dirt, as well as the images of her bone relics, are a point of contemplation for the living to yearn the intangible presence of the departed, while the floating balloons attempts to send my wishes to my beloved grandmother up above. 
  • Installation in the gallery of DECK, Singapore.
  • 4 inkjet prints on photographic matte paper of grandma's bone relics
    (85cm x 61cm)
  • Viewing prints through transparent helium balloons
  • Balloons, tied to red ribbons, emerging from the soil
  • View from above
    Single balloon rising from the cluster of balloons, holding red handwritten note
  • Front view of the installation with friends
    90cm x 90cm soil pit with balloons
  • Promotional Poster designed by Audrey Tay, featuring bone relic photograph
  • Exhibition:
    WHAT REMAINS Group Show, 2015, Singapore