Digital / Handmade

  • Digital / Handmade

    This work explores the space between technology and handmade traditional art practices.

    The process starts on the laser cutter indirectly communicating as the hand of the artist. Each artwork is first made into extensive vector drawings on Adobe Illustrator. The artwork is then uploaded and programed to a laser cutter machine that precisely cuts each wooden piece out, one by one, on thin birch wood.

  • Each piece of wood is then hand-sanded and either dipped in indigo dye or overlapped with indigo dyed fabric. The results produce different textures and hues that add to the overall the depth of the artwork.

    The wooden pieces are then arranged on a wooden birch panel. This process can be very time intensive, much like completing a puzzle of one’s own creation. Extra attention is placed to the composition of the varying colors of the indigo and the juxtaposition of the natural wood textures. The wooden shapes are adhered and varnished to the wooden panel to insure longevity of each artwork. 

    The attention-grabbing geometric motifs connect ancient indigo practices to modern-day machinery. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​When completed the artwork is modern-day quilt encompassing the many different practices. 
  • Creating these pieces was an exciting math and visual challenge. I enjoyed combining my love of textile, wood and fine art into one piece. 

    This collection of pieces is ongoing. 

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