Louis Abbene-Meagley Submission

  • Circling Rounds, inspired by Amish circle quilts
    Laser Cut Wood, Indigo
    14 x 14 inches
  • How to interact with a work of art for the sight impaired
    -Touch the conductive copper fabric of the octopus and to hear the sounds of the ocean. 
    -Trace the shape of the octopus and feel the decorative pattern of the Amphora
    -Read the brail description of the work of art 
  • Sensory Greek Amphora 
    Laser cut wood, Copper Taffeta, Arduino, Capactive Sensor, Music maker board
    1.5 by 2 Feet 
  • How do we start a conversation around climate change to those younger than us?
    How can we educate children on our food system? 
    Touch each vehicle of transportation and listen to the sounds they make, to reinforce the different means that food travels.
    Sustainable Sound Mat 
    Bare Conductive Board, Conductive Thread, Cotton, Screen print, Stereo
  • Tumbling Blocks
    Laser Cut Wood and Indigo
    3 x 4 feet
  • Follow the dotted line through a proposed underground pipeline path winding through the town of Hopewell, New Jersey. Pick up a puzzle piece to read quotes from local farmers, read facts about the pipeline’s effect on the land, and learn about local animals that the pipeline could effect
    Pipeline Puzzle 
    Lasercut Wood
    10 x 15 Inches 

  • Pipeline Puzzle 
    Lasercut Wood
    10 x 15 Inches 
  • Cross and Crown
    Laser Cut Wood and Indigo Dye 
    3 x 4 Feet
  • Art leaves an imprint on people all the time, what if we could leave our imprint onto a work of art? 
    This piece uses touch as a sensory processing educational tool for Autstic children to directly interact with a work of art. 
  • Imprint
    Thermochromatic Ink and Cotton Fabric
    10 x 16 Inches