No Justice No Peace

    "When Freddie Gray died, and when protests were building, MICA students were finishing up their finals and their thesis projects, and I know from talking to many of them that it was hard to focus on something that felt far less important than protesting injustice. But closing out my Art Walk experience were a number of works that seemed to draw (consciously or not) from the recent protests and the pervasive anger about the lack of justice for African-American people who have been victims of police brutality. Jean-Luc Gallic's series of small cement barricades, each painted slightly different, to me, recalled some of the obnoxious overpolicing we've seen here, which complemented Elena Brunner's (a friend of mine) tense, almost tarry drawings of protesters, alleyways, and baseball players yelling at each other (with tummies touching)."
    -Rebekah Kirkman, Highlights from MICA's Undergraduate Commencement Exhibition