Życie, śmierć, dusza

  • Photos from my installation from the 2015 Commencement Exhibition at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD. The title of the show was Życie, śmierć, dusza (life, death, spirit), and contained a variety of media from 2D ink and watercolor pieces, mixed media experiments and creature creations, and a large floor work installation of ceramic cocoons.
        Delicate yet determined.  
    I strive to test the boundary between the dead and the living. These pieces in their essence and patterns resemble static, yet living creatures, such as coral. Using a combination of ceramic bodies, as well as other media, this work has become an extension of myself, creating abstract, sculptural, non-figure self portraits. These cocoons are my personal meditation centers, breathing with artificial life. The idea of the circle-- something that is in consistent motion, forever following it’s own path, is important here. Every piece is so uniquely different, due to the nature of the material.  They cannot be exactly replicated, like individual memories, one layered upon another.
    Ceramic, ink, and watercolor pieces are for sale, contact me at katelynsugalskiart@gmail.com for price inquiry.
    These photographs were taken by and are owned by ©KatelynSugalski