Sculptural Forms Final

    After visiting the Museum of Natural History in D.C., we were instructed to emphasize one of the following ideas: Narrative, Artifact, or Scale; and further it into a final piece. 
    This piece is derived from the idea of organisms and their class separation while focusing on the abstract form which is then characterized to be visually categorized into one of the following classes: Reptiles, Mammals, Fish, Bird, Amphibian, and Invertebrates (Divided into two sub-categories: Cephalopod and Insect).
    The in-class display (not included in documentaiton) emphasized the starting idea of the Artifact.
    This Bēhance project places emphasis on the detailed structure of these sculptures, revealing details in their intricate construction.
  • Reptile. 
  • Media: Paper, Paint, Sculpey.
  • Mammal.
  • Media: Craft Fur, Paint, Sculpey, Glaze.
  • Fish.
  • Media: Paper, Paint, Wire, Clear Wrap, Glaze.
  • Bird.
  • Media: Feathers, Sculpey, Paint, Glaze.
  • Amphibian. 
  • Media: Styrofoam, Sculpey, Paint, Glaze.
  • Cephalopod. 
  • Media: Styrofoam, Paint, Glaze.
  • Insect.
  • Media: Paper, Paint, Glaze, Wire, Plastic Wrap, Sculpey, Foil.
  • Spring 2015