• kindredadjective
    1. similar in kind; related
    kindred is a photo + embroidery series based in process. each photo + embroidery represents one day; my face that day, my emotions that day, my life that day, my thoughts that day. i embroidered onto the photo in whatever way felt right. i explored emotions without the context of language- something i am not accustomed to and, frankly, something i fear. the end product calls to look at the layers of the image and the relationship between them. this project holds as a sort of visual journal where i can express myself and my vulnerability without edits. 
    process: each day after taking a self portrait, i printed it out and brought it to my sewing machine where i sat down and did whatever my hands felt. i then scanned the embroidered photo and reprinted on photo paper. below are the scanned embroidery + photo images.