• she was Cafe Bustelo on a sunday morning
    and cupcake wine on a friday night.
    she loved the sweetness but never candy.
    we carry with us the homes we lived in and trace the memories.
    This place is that same feeling you have when you wake up to rain on a summer morning
    we woke up to I love Lucy and fell asleep to Gilligan's island.
    tomorrow morning
    6 o clock . eastern time
  • moon said scratch up the earth. all they do is prepare rice for the sun and you must speak to the sky to determine the warm summer and then you must shine everywhere. the moon comes out and in the morning the earth becomes warm.
  • "pero espero
    no mas 
    piel estrella brilla
    la luna se siente en su silla pelo tan seco
    quedate luna mira dios en el mar 
    cantar para mi 
    dimelo luna dimelo
    ahora espero amora"
    cut up from devendra banhart's song Quedate Luna
  • au revoir
    one beep
    you point - i’ll drive
    filled with hope
    i’m sorry
    let’s not rush out and tell everyone