• 89 (2015)
    Recorded Performance
    15 minutes 22 seconds, 89 white jelly beans, 89 colored jelly beans, glass and chopsticks.
  • "In order for Singapore to become a true democracy, the current government has to be purged and refreshed. Many people are currently voting for the ruling party out of fear. However, this same group of people is also unhappy about the policies that the government has implemented. They are afraid that by taking chances with the alternative voices, the foundation of the nation will be shaken to the ground. But is our country really that weak? Are the people really that weak?
    I yearn for change. I yearn for the day where everyone will be treated equally, regardless of race, language, religion, social status, gender or sexual orientation. I yearn for the day where freedom of expression is valued, not punished. I yearn for affordable healthcare, education and housing. I yearn for a nation where Singaporeans are treated as priorities. I yearn for the day where I can identify with whatever identity I want to be, and not just a mold enforced by law and society. I yearn for a future where I can truly call Singapore my home. I’m greedy. I want them all.
    The White can never give me what I want, so goodbye to them. I will exercise my right to replace them with the brighter, more colorful and vibrant ones because I know they will fight for me. But to enable them to do so, you have to fight for yourself – fight for your right to be heard. Even if it’s difficult, it must be done.
    Now you pick your side." 
    Broy Lim, 2015
  • 89 - Square version, shortened to 15 seconds for social media