FOMO NOMO' Guerrilla Marketing

     | Twister at the Park |  
    Concept Statement |  Because FOMO NOMO’ is a service that brings people together through shared experiences, we figured that an effective marketing strategy would be to plan a public intervention that could actively engage our audience. Conveniently nestled between The New School  and NYU campuses, Washington Square Park was the ideal location for our promotional event, "Twister at the Park". Drawing inspiration from pavement art, we printed our logo on the floor, laid down a twister mat and wrote down 3 simple steps:
    1. Play a game of twister
    2. Break the ice
    3. Have fun!
    Concept: Pallavi Kainady 
    In collaboration with: Courtney Lane, Natasha Fischer, Lishan Liu 
     | Word of Web |  
    We created profiles on multiple social media platforms in order to communicate more effectively with our target audience. As a extension of our Guerilla marketing campaign, we asked participants to share their photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.