• remains (2015)
    Digital Photography
    When someone departs, do they really leave, or do they exist in a different form?

    “remains” is an investigative process of me seeking for the presence of my grandmother through the things she left behind - her personal possessions and the remnants of her physical self. The act of making these photographs allowed me to meditate on these relics and to contemplate on the meaning of life and death. Will we disappear into oblivion with our demise, or remain in intangible forms that others could only attempt to grasp…
  • So many things.
    None of them
    matter anymore.
  • The lifeless remnants yearns for
    your impossible return.
    But to this living one,
    you have never left.

    I hope you will
    never leave me behind.
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Selected images on exhibition at Pingyao International Photo Festival 2015, China
  • Exhibition:
    Pingyao International Photo Festival 2015, China