"Stephen & Cooper: Moving Day" Animated Short Film

  • This animation project was inspired by happy memories of my childhood growing up in the state of Maryland, and its beautiful countryside. The story highlights the relationship with my big red husky, Cooper.

    A boy overcomes the excitement, stress, and fears of moving into a new home. This transition is shared through the eyes of a child and shows how he, with the help of his loving companion, discover a new happiness while exploring the environment where they live, playing together and creating new and lasting memories in the hills and fields of the American heartland.
    Change doesn’t have to be scary! It can lead to a positive change.

  • Animation Process:

    Graphite Pencils | Animation Paper & Wacom Bamboo Tablet | 2014 - 2015

    Character animation is imported to add filler and separate the drawings from the background, painted digitally using a Wacom tablet and stylus. Each animated sequence is composited and timed for each clip of the film's timeline separately to be imported into After Effects.

    The mini work station for drawing animation keys, or for character design and clean up drawings that need layering.

    Graphite & Col Erase Pencil | Bristol Board | Wacom Bamboo Tablet | 2015

    After drawing the background in outline on large sheets of Bristol board paper and scanned, shading and lighting effects are painted in layers using Adobe Photoshop's painting tools, using a Wacom tablet and stylus.
    The Photoshop PSD file for each clip of the scene is imported with their layer properties into After Effects. This allows the character animation to be incorporated with the rendered backgrounds, with additional editing to be made ready to be composited.

    Adobe After Effects & Wacom Stylus | 2014 - 2015

    Various elements of the house's rooms or landscapes are separated by separate drawings layered together in After Effects. Converted to 3D layers, space is added between the elements of the environment to create depth and the illustion of distance. A 3D camera can be added to animate camera moves, pans, and focus effects throughout the sequence.
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