Owl mania, laser engraving

  • Nature is plentiful source of inspiration. There are a lot of weird and wonderful creatures, which are elating variety of shapes and different textures. In our small set of items for good mood we try to reflect it by the way of laser engraving.
    This technology allows to convey not only play of light and shadow, but something more especially -  tactile sensations.
  • ~ Why have been chosen the owls for this purpose? Because they are adorable! ~
  • ***
    For creating this set of items with two charming owls have been done two modifications of illustration for engraving on a dark and light surfaces such as multi-layered plastic, bookbinding board and double-layered carton.
  • ~The image is svg and could be printing on a different surfaces with no loss in quality~
  • ~The face clock is made of medium density fibreboard ~
  • ~ This face clock is made of silver double-layered plastic using laser engraving ~
  • ~ Laser engraved greeting card ~
  • ~ Thank you for watching! ~