perfectlywell (2015)

  • perfectlywell is a brand and campaign focusing on promoting mental wellness among people given to perfectionist tendencies. Unforgiving standards of success and unrealistic expectations for performance can take a toll on a person’s health, but it can be almost impossible for a perfectionist to take a step back and learn to take a breath once and while.
    perfectlywell offers a range of merchandise for the hardworking perfectionist, including pens, pen cases, and notebooks, that feature motivational statements reminding one to take a more balanced approach to chasing success. Other accessories, such as phone cases and bags, are fit for off-the-clock hours as well, allowing one to see these statements at any time of the day.
    The website also offers resources on maintaining mental wellness without sacrificing your work ethic, and a downloadable app
    lets users connect with each other to form supportive bonds.
    Below you will find samples from the perfectlywell campaign.