2014-15 Portfolio

    The Crown  28.5" x 31"
    Act One Of The Queeny Series
    Production Dates 10-13 / 10-23
    Series Total - Ten Versions : Seventy Two Iterations
    The basic image consisted of a “skinned” (a disassembled and flattened) Marlboro box three wide. The image was lifted from the unpublished Halos and Bunnies Series, and transplanted into Queeny. The crown appears as a result of the flip top box packaging being placed side by side....
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    Two Hearts 18" x 24"
    Act Two Of The Queeny Series
    Production Dates 11-15 / 12-9
    Series Total - Three Versions : Seventy Nine Iterations
    The original Queeny series was broken into two major acts. The Crown represents the first half of the series and features only the Queen. Elizabeth is the second half, noted by the appearance of the duel portraits. Two Hearts happened later I used it to test out some new directions I am considering for a larger series arc entitled Versus....
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    Queen Mao Claus  18" x 24"
    Act Three Of The Queeny Series
    Production Dates 11-15-13 / 12-19-13
    Three Versions : Fifty Three Iterations
    At the very end of the Queeny Series, I reduced the work to a simple “skeletal” version that focused on the portrait of the queen. I wanted to use another portrait to balance the existing Queen portrait. It needed to be a political figure with the same recognition and weight, something viewers wouldn’t have to work to get. The first person that came to mind was Mao Zedong and Santa (since it was almost Christmas)....
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    Two Frontiers : About A Horse  21" x 37"
    Act Two (Of A Three Part Series)
    Production Dates 1-14-14 / 2-10-14
    Series Total - Seven Versions : One Hundred Sixty Two Iterations

    The Two Frontier series was originally approached as a triptych (congruent with the Bacon original), as evidenced by the degree of completion within what would have been the three compartments. The center panel was the first area dealt with, the left portion the second. This gallery focuses on the evolution of that panel....
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    Two Frontiers : Then Came The Monkey  21" x 37"
    Act Three (Of A Three Part Series)
    Production Dates 5-18 /8-13
    Series Total - Seven Versions : One Hundred Sixty Two Iterations
    The third act of ‘Two Frontiers “focusses on the integration of the monkey.  An unrefined version of the image can be seen throughout the series at various times and to assist me while I was developing other areas of the piece. This piecemeal approach became the story behind the various acts of the series with act one being about the cowboys, act two the horses and act three the monkey. The sequence of topics in the acts has no particular importance however it has started to build interesting narrative....
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    Fortuna : North VS South 55" x 37"
    Act One (Of A Two Part Series)
    Production Dates 9-26-14 / 10-23-14 
    Seven VersioXXXXns : Eighty Nine Iterations
    I found a series of maps depicting the day’s events during well-known American Civil War battles. I was transfixed by the ability of the maps to tell a complex story without any supporting text or imagery. It seemed appropriate considering the way my works relying on the chronological snap shots to build a contextual history for the viewer....
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    Fortuna : Finding Lincoln 8" x  10/13"
    Act Two (Of A Two Part Series)
    Three Versions : Sixtey Seven Iterations
    Seven VersioXXXXns : Eighty Nine Iterations

    Act Two retreats from its previous size of 55”x37” to 8”x10. The subtext of Act One - North VS South was removed and the focus became Lincoln the historical figure and icon. The portrait was transplanted from Act One as it represented a significant time investment (see evolution above). However by the time the format changed again the portrait had undergone another transformation moving from somber reflection to exploration....