Human Computer Interaction

  • Challenge – In the near future once devices are screen-less small wearables or able to be integrated beneath our skin, how will we communicate with such technologies? Will everyone be speaking out loud? Will it somehow sync up to our thoughts? Will it be like Minority Report? 
    Solution – Sure, the future will be full of ways to communicate with the technology at hand, however, I believe gestures to be the primary form of communication. Working closely with Ellen Lupton, I created a small publication based on my thesis research where I created a gestural language set. The set of gestures convey various tasks which can be performed in a human-integrated computer. 
    Gestural communication should feel natural and easy to use without feeling too fatiguing. One of the main issues with movies such as Minority Report are the broad sweeping movements which are hard to maintain if you're interacting with a computer all day. With fatigue in mind, the gestures I developed are micro-gestures. These interactions are small-scale, preferably one-handed, movements which can be done without a user expending too much energy. Humans are, after all, quite lazy. 
    Admittedly, I was inspired by sign language communication as well as simple gestures performed daily such as checking someone's pulse, which later became how I felt best to turn on the system. Feel free to message me for more information on my research!