A Bit of China Poster

  • A Bit of China Poster
    This poster was designed for the documentary-A bite of Chinaseason 2 which introduces the history and tradition of Chinese food. Hand-made is one of the key features of traditionalChinese cooking.
    The object in the poster is called Fortune teller which is a traditional Chinese origami for children to play. Italso represents the traditional preparation of Chinese food: hand-made. So I decided not to use any images of food. Instead, I chose to use the origami to recall people’s childhoodpleasure of eating. We usually write East, south,west and northon the outside of the origami. In addition, I sketched typicalfood from eastern, southern,western and northern inside of the origami. I think that the design will work seamlessly with thedocumentary, presenting traditional chinese food to makepeople feel the pleasure. To enhance visual sensation from theposter, I chose light orange to be the dominate color in theposter because it is the color representing the fun of eating.