• 'Having an opinion and trying to invent an image that says that opinion like nobody's ever said it before.' -Bob Gill.
    Feed Your Ego is an experiment in that direction to find an interesting way to comment on the insatiable consumption of goods in this age of excessive consumerism by mobilizing a bombardment of shipping symbols into a massive field of repeating container in order to highlight the density of the issue. It is a project done at Maryland Institute College of Art under the guidance of Jennifer Cole Phillips, Jason Gottlieb and Silas Munro.
     Design 2015.
  • #Exploring the Visual Language.
  • #Ideation and Sketches
  • Subverting the icons that are used most commonly on the packaging boxes to represent the result of excessive use.
  • The Posters were created keeping in mind the exhibition space influencing the scale and composition. The series was 80x75in.
  • #The Exhibition
  • Detailed images of the posters.