Design is Storytelling

  • Client Ellen Lupton
    Advisor Jennifer Cole Phillips

    Design is Storytelling is a new book that Ellen Lupton is in the process of writing. I was tasked with composing a proposal for the design of the book. My design approach took into consideration Ellen's desire to have a readable book, which was something different from her previous published books. She also wanted a book that had a nice feel when holding it. But most importantly, she wanted to reflect the concept of storytelling throughout the book.

    In my approach, I wanted to view each section (table of contents, chapters etc.) as a major, important part of the book. For instance, each chapter starts with an opening spread that highlights an important quote from that chapter and includes the first paragraph of the chapter. This gives a quick synopsis of the chapter before the reader begins to delve into the text. Throughout each chapter, I pull out questions that Ellen asks within the text to help engage with the readers. 
    Typeface Milo Serif and Milo Sans