Better Biomes

  • Better Biomes is a project centered around changing the way people receive information about climate change and environmental issues. Using five distinct icons, the major biomes (or habitats) of the Earth; tundra, grasslands, aquatic, forests, and deserts, are represented visually. Each icon shows an easily recognizable animal, plant, and landscape feature of the specific biome.
    These icons lead a visual system designed to draw people in to appreciating aspects of each biome, and introduce important environmental concerns occuring there. Using this system, small pamphlets were created for each indivdual biome. These include a fact about the state of the environment in each biome, why it is important to protect, a map of where this very unique habitat occurs on Earth, and accesible ways that an individual can help or support the protection of this biome. A series of stickers, showing the icon for each biome, were also created to allow readers to actively show their support for the conservation of the biome they live in, or are making changes to support.
    These pamphlets and stickers were created to be part of a larger campaign to create a sense of adoration and pride for each biome, while also recognizing the need for action there, without being accusatory to the reader.
    Both items are designed to be accesible across adults and young audiences and create a sense of joy, excitement, and nostalgia for the biomes of the Earth, while also presenting the need for action.
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