Cutiemari brand series

  • Cutiemari brand series
    HTML, CSS, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
    1440 x 771 pixels

    also available to be viewed at
  • Started a small production of polyester scarves that depict printed character patterns.  The five focus characters are Kitty Kommunication, Pio squid in love, Shimon the glow frog, Sharkbark, and Jerry the angel.  They were all created and developed by myself.  I sought after fun, colorful themes to match their personalities.  After the scarves were printed by Spoonflower, they were hemmed at the edges.  Then I began to design promotional work to accompany the brand.
  • The website is very important to the brand.  I learned how to code in order to achieve what I sketched out in my head.  Interaction with the characters is vital to my work.  By giving the viewer access to character biographies, they will be able to learn more about the creatures beyond what they look like.
  • the posters / lookbook / 3-D printing experiment