Alter Ego: Keeping Up With Mrs. Jones

  • Alter Ego: Keeping Up With Mrs. Jones
    Keeping Up With Mrs. Jones was the result of an exploration into an alter ego that was discovered in a weekend long workshop lead by Silas Murno. As part of this conceptual design project, we were asked to build a fictitious persona that amplifies, undermines, or rediscovers an aspect of ourselves. Discontent with the expectation of always having to melt into the background, Mrs. Jones started taking things into her own hands. Her husband always gave her a liberal budget to redecorate and care for the house, so he was unfazed when new wallpaper and aprons began popping up. By subverting the backdrop of her life she has been able to take back her voice and enjoy living with the Mister much more.
  • Process
  • The blank stares found in traditional advertising geared toward women were replaced with icons I created to symbolize the trapped, burnt out, and brainless stereotypes perpetuated within 1950s American housewife culture. I worked with the images to create flower-like motifs that would eventually work into larger repeat patterns.
  • Exhibition Space
  • The pattern was digitally printed on cotton broadcloth. Using a pattern from the 1950s, I constructed an apron that melts into the wallpaper behind it, furthering the idea of a housewife melting into the background. 
  • Special Thanks to:
    Silas Murno
    Henry Becker
    Piper Shepard
    Miles Holenstein
    Hieu Tran
    David Dale