Modular Typography

  • Using a combination of two lego shapes, the square and the quarter circle, I have created a letter or phrase daily.
    My goal was to create a wide variety of typographic treatments with a limited set of parts all fitting on a single lego board. 
  • I took each of the daily pieces and combined them on the press to create a mixed set of printed posters. 
  • I am giving my class a similar assignment where they must create a full alphabet from A-Z using the same basic shapes. They will then take their newly created typeface and print a poster using the same method I've shown here. The goal of this project for me was to show my student the wide variety of letter forms these two basic shapes can create.
  • Student Work
  • Along with the printed posters and patterns the students recreated the typefaces using Fontstruct. They exported their fonts into real working .otf files that they can now use.