Semiotics Still Life

  • Each object in this staged photo is symbolic to my studio practice. While also giving a glimpse into nature as a person.
    Objects List: 
    Acto–Blade: The tool of the trade 
    Eraser: I’m human I make mistakes 
    Headphones: personal escapism 
    I.D: My personal identity? 
    Lipton Tea Bag: Family iced tea recipe, tradition 
    Memory Box: Family vacations  
    Mouse: I'm awful with directions
    Pepsi: Addition, Anxiety creeping in as seen by the spill 
    Ruler: Trying to be perfect  
    Pen: Personal thoughts 
    Perfume: Favorite scent 
    Picture: A cherised memento 
    Timer: What I want more of and also what I am always running out of