@ Democracy

  • This project has been derived from a text by Italo Calvino titled 'Invisible Cities'. The idea that I took away from Calvino's chapter on the city of Zobeide was the basis for the concept of this zine. The city is described as a creation by visitors who have an idealistc goal of perfection in mind. Their aim is to construct/ attain the ideal. And as more visitors come to create the same thing but do it in their own way, they wind up over-complicating the structure of the city, to the point that it starts to look ugly. It starts to ruin itself. As part of my own analysis, I compared this concept to a nation familiar to me. India. This country won its independence and idealized the goal of being that perfect nation. It prided itself on being a democracy and allowing the freedom of speech after it became an independent country. Yet today it is receiving a lot of criticism for its censorship and bans on free speech and free practice. However true this may be, the underlying complexity of these political/ social/ cultural situations makes it difficult to solely criticize the ban itself and requires a deeper understanding of the situations at hand from both parties. The zine is a way to critique this concept. It uses a current, relevant situation, to critique the broader conversation of complexity that exists in building a city. Calvino describes the city as a 'skein' which means tangled and woven the way that thread gets. It is also my understanding of the level of complexity it takes to truly build an ideal nation, and my visual tool through the course of this zine.