Gather Identity (Concept)

  • Gather Baltimore is an organization that rescues good produce that would otherwise be discarded and redistributes it in areas of the city with low access to fresh food. Gather solves a global problem on a human scale and is actively building a healthy and environmentally sound future for the people of Baltimore. On the strength of this vision alone, Gather has built a great network of volunteers, supporters, and beneficiaries.
    The way that Gather lives up to its ambitious name, gathering food and gathering people around a common goal to eat healthy, deserves a logo and visual identity that does the same: gathering rescued food into a vibrant mosaic that is much greater than the sum of its parts.  

    I created a visual identity that communicates the energy, innovation, and vibrancy that makes Gather so successful. The colorful visuals are created by using halved fruits and vegetables as stamps to create organic, beautiful patterns. This way, Gather’s brand can be applied by anyone from students to volunteers, and is clearly recognizable across a wide range of applications.
  • Gather sets up a "farmstand" from a truck each week to sell produce in areas with low access to fresh food. 
  • These numbered cards are used to mark people's places in line. 
  • Recipe cards could be shared as people wait in line, particuarly as they learn how to cook unfamiliar vegetables!
  • Gather's social media presence is its most active and important, so features prominently on the business cards.