• About Flipping Pixels

    Advising Instructor : Isaac Gertman

    How do you usually interact with a magazine? Probably by flipping through pages, looking at glamorous images, and neglecting the text. Flipping Pixels is a publication that attempts to deconstruct WIRED magazine and transform its content into a book format. Given the experimental nature of the project, I wanted to approach the design aspect of the book with the experience of online reading. First, to challenge the readers’ habit of sometimes only looking at images, I intentionally pixelated all the images in the hope that they will focus more on the text. Second, using the framework of an infinite scrolling web page, all department stories are positioned in a vertical layout—and as readers flip from one page to the next, they are scrolling down an imaginary web page. Third, to recreate the experience of users clicking on links to other stories and sub-information, as one would do reading things on the web, certain department stories contain connecting links to other department stories as well as sidebar information. This is spread through the book to create an interesting reading experience. In magazines, featured stories usually do not follow the same format as departments—I want to take the same line of thinking with the design of the book. All featured stories in the book will break away from the web format, and follow the conventional horizontal format.

    2016 ADAA Semifinalist in Print Communications

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