Love is Puffy: First Fashion Garment

  • Love is Puffy ♡ (ू• ౪•ू ) is bringing together fluff, sparkle, and lots of hearts that always come with the Valentine’s Day craze.  Shops turn into gradients of red, pink, and white every February, supplying themselves with specially decorated cards that are passed out between the special handmade mailboxes of elementary school children.
    Everything from all the heart-shaped chocolate to the glitter makes Elizabeth so very giddy.  She is very passionate about celebrating the love in friendship instead of solely devoting the idea to romantic love and couples.  Through play with plush and accumulation, Elizabeth creates multiple incarnations of Valentine’s Day while developing different personalities that embrace the many ways love and  can be celebrated.
    Sharing is *quite importantly* caring as this collection seeks to invite people into a world full of sweetness and heart-bursting fun.
  • Designer: Elizabeth Nguyen
    Photographer: Muxia Liu
    Model: Annie Kwon
  • Currently the photos down below feature the sketch and final construction of this fashion collection's very first garment.
  • A short animation made to accompany the performance of this collection.  It is currently being developed further as the collection expands into five more garments.
    Song: Dream Fighter (Instrumental) - Perfume