AVANI ~ Starting a College

  • BACKGROUND |  Avani Institute of Design is a center for Architecture and Design education located in Calicut, Kerala. The institute was envisioned by Architect Tony Joseph, and is associated with some of the brightest minds in the fields of art and architecture. 
    Over the summer I had the opportunity to work with Avani during it's initial stages of conception. As the program manager, I was actively involved in both administrative and creative activities. This included streamlining communication with internal resources (student/staff applicants and vendors) as well as managing and coordinating the creation and update of web-content, social media and all other promotional material. Below you can find samples of some of the deliverables that I worked on. 
  • MISSION AND VISION STATEMENTS |  After many insightful discussions and debates, we were able to formulate concise mission and vision statements that truly encapsulate what the institute stands for. 
    (Sample) website layout  : Pallavi Kainady
    Copy : Pallavi Kainady in collaboration with members of the Avani's Academic Council 
    RECRUITMENT FLIERS |  With Avani being a new college, we created fliers that were heavy on content, intended be to circulated digitally as well as in print. We felt that the staff recruitment flier in particular had to highlight the extensive list creatives associated with Avani as that was one of Avani’s key differentiators. 
    Artwork: Vineeth Kannan 
    Design/ copy : Pallavi Kainady
    SOCIAL MEDIA SERIES In order to keep our social media page active and drive traffic to our website, we created a series of posters featuring members of our Advisory Panel. All the posters followed the same template, with a short excerpt about each member followed by an image of their work. 
    Copy : Sujith G.S. 
    Design : Pallavi Kainady

    Design : Pallavi Kainady