• Little River is an independent rock band formed by Shrenik Ganatra for Alter Ego, the core studio project for the first-year MFA Graphic Design students at the Maryland Institute College of Art led by Silas Munro and directed by Jennifer Cole Phillips and Jason Matthews Gottlieb. Every student developed a fictitious persona that amplifies, undermines or rediscovers an element of themselves and worked on a project through the lens of that persona.
    I knew exactly what I wanted to do for the project—make music. I had been working on covers for a while prior to this but never wrote my own music. Therefore, I thought this was the ideal opportunity to do so. I jumped into the shoes of Bartholomew “Bart” Cubbins Jr.—my persona for the project—and got working. I wrote the lyrics, played the guitar and bass and did the vocals. The only time I used a software instrument was to record drums ‘cause I did not have access to a drum set.
    The band’s eponymous single is concerned with the issue of judging people based on their appearance. The music and the short motion graphic video tell a story about how a person who gets judged for their looks responds to the superficial treatment.
    Here's the full version of the song. Special thanks to Patrick Hunt for helping me with the recoding process
    A few shots of my space at the Extra Bold Condensed exhibition at the Maryland Institute College of Art, which showcased everyone's Alter Ego projects
  • I have been writing more music and I am a step closer to busking at the subway in New York City