MICA Competitive Scholarship 2016

  • Remington Townsquare
     The project attempt to create a fixture for the community by having variety of spaces to gather people from all three sides of the site addressing residential and commercial areas. Remington Town square provide new experience currently unavailable in the neighborhood, and create a relaxed meeting place for the neighbors without overwhelming them at the same time welcoming visitors.
  • Remington Townsquaure Model
    Basswood, cherry wood, sand paper, baby's breadth, polyester 
    1/16" = 1'- 0" 
  • Remington Townsquare Model
    Basswood, cherry wood, sandpaper, baby's breath, polyester
    1/16" = 1'-0" 
  • Remington Townsquare Plan View Rendering 
    Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Remington Townsquare Section Drawing I
    Illustration, Photoshop
  • Remington Townsquare Section Drawing II
    Illustration, Illustrator
  • Precedent Study of Schindler's House 
    Our version of the model of the Schindler's House mainly focused on structural diagram of the house. 
    Collaboration with Elizabeth Ewing and Christina Stone
  • Schindler's House Presentation Boards
    Informations about the house, plan drawings, and analysis drawings are included
    Photoshop, illustrator, indesign
    24" x 36" per board
  • Precedent Study: Schindler's House 
    Plaster, basswood, rockite, acrylic 
    1/16" = 1'- 0" 
    XS Ventilation Block 
    From Digital Deisgn to Frabication. 
    We first began with our own designs and then converged ideas revolving around illusions and visual dynamics.
    We made a simple design for a block that could create complex patterns as an aggregate form. 
    Our main focus was on: illusions, patterns, and dimensions.
    Tools: Rhino, CNC Router, 3D-Printer 
    Materials: Foam and cement ( portland cement, sand, aggregate, reinforcing fiber, and water reducer)
    Collaboration with Patricia Fuente
  • Final Product of XS Ventilation Blocks
    Foam mold
    Cement:  Portland cement, sand, aggregate, reinforcing fiber, and water reducer
    9" x 4" x 12" (Each block)
  • XS Ventilation Block From an Angle
    Foam mold
    Cement: Portland cement, sand, aggregate, reinforcing fiber, and water reducer
    9"x 4" x 12"
  • XS Ventilation Block Rendering 
    Rhino, photoshop, illustrator