Competitive Scholarship 2016

  • Alyse Ruriani
    Graphic Design + Culture and Politics
  • Antony + Cleopatra, 2015
    Newspaper design based off the play Antony and Cleopatra by William Shakespeare
  • Handcrafted Letter Poster, 2015
    Each letter was assembled by hand and then photographed. Materials consisted of found twigs, and various sizes of bullet casings. The quote is from poem 165 by Emily Dickinson.
  • Baltimore Biennial, 2015
    Branding for a fictional festival bringing orchestra and classical music from all around the world to Charm City. This project included designing typographical and organizational systems and a consistent look across various pieces.
    Pictured: Poster, Event Pass, Vinyl Record
  • Baltimore Biennial, 2015 (Detail)
    Pictured: Festival pamphlet
  • Identity Survey, 2015
    Website design for a survey about identity created by the J Max Bond Center on Design for Just City
    Mockup version can be found here
  • Active Minds, Inc Internships
    A collection of images I made for social media during my time as a Communications Intern at Active Minds, Inc, the leading nonprofit for college mental health
  • Feminism, 2015
    Photoshop frame-by-frame animation gif
  • note to self (and everyone else), 2015
    A collection of photography, illustrations, scanography, and original poetry in a personal zine meant to be shared with others.
    "starting with the objective of an autobiographical zine, I instead transformed my personal 
    experiences in a way that could be felt universally. this is a note to myself to remember 
    where I've been, where I am, and where I'm going, just as much as it is a note for you."
  • Kindred, 2015
    A photo + embroidery series based in process. Each photo + embroidery represents one day; my face that day, my emotions that day, my life that day, my thoughts that day. I embroidered onto the photo in whatever way felt right. I explored emotions without the context of language- something I am not accustomed to and, frankly, something I fear. The end product calls to look at the layers of the image and the relationship between them. This project holds as a sort of visual journal where I can express myself and my vulnerability without edits.
  • STAY: A Crisis Support App, 2015
    STAY is an app that is there for you when you need it. When you feel distressed and your emotions are out of control, STAY is there to walk you through. From the app, you can choose what way you want to cope with the distress. You can customize the app by choosing your support team you can contact, listing coping skills proven to work for you, and adding your personal touch through quotes, photos, and more. STAY is a way to take control of your situation and get through those hard nights.