MICA Competitive Scholarship 2016

  •      Домовой 
         Watercolor on Illustration Board
          10" x 6"
  •          Poster for Alexi Murdoch 

             Watercolor and Digital Art
          11" x 17"
  •      Assorted Button Designs

          Digital Art
          Dimensions Vary

  •     Four Principles of Design
         Cut magazine arranged on postcards, glue, thread.
         4 cards, each 5" x 8"
  •          12 Years of My Life 

             Handcut slides made out of transparent printer paper and bristol board.
          Holder made out of balsa wood. Projected light.
          ~24" x 9"


  •     Swimming With the Fishes

        Internal landscape painted on butcher paper, acrylic paint, gesso, bristol board, gouache, yarn.
        ~100" x 36"
  •          White Form 1 

              Sculpture made of crocheted yarn and paper clips.
           ~ 6' tall